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New Bible Study Series & Resources

I pray these Bible studies will enrich our lives as we draw closer to Jesus. I believe His word and His presence will forever change us! Hope you will join me!


Bible Study Series FAQ's

You can access the Bible Studies in the following ways: 

1. Watch on the Rise Up You Tube Channel (link is on this site) Be sure to hit the subscribe button to get notifications when a new video is released.

2. Go to the Bible Study Tab at the top of this website and enroll for free in the Bible Study platform, where you will have access to all of the Bible Studies as well as the individual Bible Study Resource Guides to download.

3. You can also listen to the Bible Studies on podcast. (link to the Rise Up Podcast is on this site) Be sure to click the subscribe button to get notified when a new Bible Study has been released.

You can access the Bible Studies via cell phone, tablet, iPad, or any electronic device that gives you access to the Rise Up Ministry website, You Tube, or even Podcast!

Currently all of the Bible Studies are recorded and you are able to watch them at your own pace.

It would be great to have your Bible, pen and a notepad handy if you would like to take extra notes as we go along! The Bible Study Guide is also available as a download inside the Bible Study tab at the top of the Rise Up Ministry website.

Featured Bible Study (John 4)

In part one of the Love From the Well Bible Study, we look at the encounter the Samaritan woman had with Jesus at the well and how her life was forever changed. God desires for us all to receive the fullness of His love in truth so we can then pour out this love back to Him and to others!

Part Two: (John 4) Bible Study

This is part 2 of a 4 part series from the Bible Study: Love From the Well, focusing on how to identify "other wells" and how to avoid them so we can solely draw from the pure stream of living water that Jesus offers us. God created us and only He knows what will quench a thirsty soul.

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